3 steps to follow if you think you’re a homeschool failure4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021


3 steps to follow if you think you’re a homeschool failure4 min read

It’s that time of the year when you have to evaluate and grade your kids. But they’re not doing as well as you would have hoped.

Or they’re doing exceptionally well, but they seem to be losing their love and joy of learning.

In other news, homeschooling is getting more and more challenging as the days and weeks go by.

You cannot seem to focus on the home and the homeschool as well as you would have liked to.

You’re not satisfied with where you are as you wrap up this school year.

Everything is hard.

Homeschooling is just not fun anymore, for anyone.

And you feel like a failure.

Whatever the reasons may be, the feeling of being a failure can make one miserable. So, what do you do when you find yourself in this position?

Consider these 3 steps

1. Are you blaming it on homeschooling?

This is the first thing you need to ask yourself. Are you making homeschool the scapegoat? Are you blaming it all on homeschool? Are you wondering if things would be better if your kids went to a public or private school instead?

Well, stop!

Stop questioning everything and blaming it all on homeschool. So many of the issues that you are experiencing with your children have nothing to do with where they go to school.

In fact, if your kids went to school elsewhere, would you really be aware of what was actually happening? Would you be able to be directly involved and help as well as you can right now? Think about it.

If there are other things that are making you feel like a failure – maybe it’s dealing with those preteen hormones, or focusing on each kid separately when they all have different needs and wants, whatever it is, try not to blame it on homeschool.

Don’t make everything about homeschooling, when it is really not.
Instead, try to figure out what the actual issues are and how you could fix them.

2. Evaluate and Introspect

Stop for a moment and just take a good look around and within. What is really making you feel like a failure?

We’re not asking you to sit and worry aimlessly. Instead, we want you to channel your concerns and your thoughts in a constructive manner to try and figure out what these deep-rooted issues could be.

Try and write down the things that you are worried about. Is your child struggling to make friends? Is your kid finding it difficult to cope with so many subjects and the subject matter? Is it that your child can’t focus as much as he should?

Other than worrying about what your kid is facing, are you struggling too? Do you feel like you’re constantly falling back on schoolwork? Are you unable to give your child the opportunities he needs for social interaction?

Now, try to objectively think about whether there is any truth in these worries. If you don’t think you can do it by yourself then sit with your spouse, a trusted family member or close friend. Ask them to help you analyze and evaluate.

After you have carefully and thoroughly evaluated and analyzed your worries and concerns, you have two options. If you realize that you’ve just been stressing with no real issues at hand, you can decide to put it all behind you and move forward. And move forward with more confidence, trusting that you are doing better than you thought you were.

However, if you do realize that your worries are well-placed, maybe it’s time to take action and even change things up a bit if necessary.

3. Do what needs to be done

In the previous step, if you happened to notice and unravel certain areas that actually need improvement or change, don’t hesitate to do what is necessary.

If your child is actually struggling to make friends then maybe take more advantage and be intentional about every social opportunity that comes your way. You could try some more extracurricular activities or organize regular playdates. You could also schedule park days with other families who have kids of similar age groups or invite them over for a meal or two.

If your child is finding it difficult to cope with a particular subject and you’re not sure what you can do from your end, try arranging for a tutor or look at different methods of learning.

If you’re actually falling behind with your schoolwork, you could look for resources and curriculums that are less teacher-intensive. Use a proper planner to help you stay more organized and up to the task. You could also ask your spouse or a family member to help.

Remember that identifying problems and areas that need fixing does not make you a failure! If anything, it only empowers you to work towards your weak points to come out stronger in the end.

If you are feeling like a homeschool failure today, we want to encourage you not to give up. Everyone has these days and sometimes you need to get the necessary things done, while at other times you just need to sit back and relax because you’re already doing the best you can.

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