5 Fun Nature Journal Entries for Autumn3 min read

Child Development Nov 29, 2021
5 Fun Nature Journal Entries for Autumn



5 Fun Nature Journal Entries for Autumn3 min read

Fall is the time to explore the season’s many hues and patterns. Whether you’re planning a family trip to the park or just taking a walk around the neighborhood, these simple ideas will help make the most of the season.

There are many ways to start a nature journal. For instance, a simple sketch pad or a book can serve as a great way to start a journal. A nature journal is a great way to keep track of all the details of your child’s life.

What is Autumn?

Autumn is the season when the days become shorter and the temperature drops. It is also the time when the leaves of deciduous trees begin to turn a different color. This season transitions from summer to winter in the different hemispheres.

What is Nature Journaling?

A nature journal is a journal that records observations of nature made by observing animals and plants. It can include drawings, notes, and photos.

How Nature Journaling Helps kids?

Nature journaling is a great way to stimulate children’s natural curiosity. It can also teach them about the Earth’s importance. Nature journaling helps us appreciate the world around us. It is a great way to slow down and look at it from a distance. Even the smallest insect is amazing. Nature journaling helps us slow down and pay attention to what’s around us.

New to Journaling?

  1. If this is a new practice for you and your family, start with a relaxed attitude. This will help you feel good about yourself and will allow you to look for new things.
  2. Set aside time to just enjoy the outside. Take note of the little details that make up the world outside, such as the jagged edges of leaves and the bubbles in a rock.
  3. Watch and observe what you see.
  4. You can start drawing or writing immediately after the weather has changed, or you can collect a few samples and take some pictures.
  5. Take a few notes and ask yourself some basic questions to keep track of what you’re thinking about.
  6. Go to YouTube or the local library to see what is new. Encourage kids to do their own tasks with minimal interference.
  7. Encourage them to do it, too. They’ll love it and it’ll help them learn about nature.

5 Fun Nature Journal Entries for Autumn

1. Find words while walking around

Write down the words that describe the season. Then, take a walk and look for objects to write down the letters in the word.

2. Pick Leaves for Journal

Take a leaf from the ground and place it on a page in your journal. Once home, collect more details about the tree and its leaves. When home, journal about the leaf and its fascinating characteristics.

3. Landscapes

Take a few minutes to draw what you see around you, such as the trees, flowers, and birds. Then, label the page with the word Autumn. For the next three pages, draw what you think will look like in the other seasons.

4. Find Animals and Create Stories and Poems

Look for creatures on your walks and write about them in your journal. Observe their behavior and characteristics. In your journal, write a story or poem about an animal that you see. For instance, I used to write about a snake that used to fight crime.

5. Weather Watcher

Create a weather journal that lets you keep track of the different weather conditions that happen in your environment.


Nature journaling can be slow and relaxing. It can help children develop a passion for drawing and experimenting. Nature journaling is a practice that can be easily done on its own. It can also be included in a schedule or a weekly or monthly routine. Now enjoy some cool Autumn Journaling!


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