Is Your Child an Auditory Learner? Let’s Find Out7 min read

Child Development Aug 19, 2021
Auditory Learning Style



Is Your Child an Auditory Learner? Let’s Find Out7 min read

One thing we all know and find quite interesting is that when compared to an adult, kids have a very different way of grasping information and analyzing it.

There are four different styles of learning, but for the purpose of this study piece, we will turn our attention and focus on auditory learners.

Auditory learning is a type of learning where the kid learns the information by simply hearing it. If you notice that your kid asks plenty of questions, then she or he is almost certainly an auditory learner. This technique of learning is easier and far more comfortable for kids and is a better way to gather knowledge than most other forms. Kids who listen carefully during their class and can understand most concepts properly are good auditory learners. In this study, we will go through a whole bunch of things about auditory learning and how you can make your kid an auditory learner. In addition, we will also discuss strategies for auditory learning.

Who is an Auditory Learner?

Any person who can easily grasp information simply by hearing is the one we can describe as an auditory learner. Now the question to ask yourself is, ”Is my kid an auditory learner?” If your kid is able to learn quickly just by hearing a piece of information, you can assume that in fact, they are auditory learners. Further, kids who can retain and later repeat the verbal information provided by their instructors are what we would consider being good auditory learners. These kids love to participate in class discussions and have appropriate social skills. Moreover, these youngsters ask plenty of questions and may often ask the same question in different ways to double check if they got certain concepts correctly.

Strengths of Auditory Learning

Auditory learners have plenty of skills. These kids are good listeners, which often makes them good debaters and speakers as well. Let us look at some other strengths of kids with auditory learning skills.


Auditory learning can help your kid to become a multitasker. Proponents of this method of learning claim that learning by ear helps a child be more versatile. They claim that these youngsters can accomplish multiple tasks at one time. Auditory learning makes the learning style different and more exciting, it makes the subject easier to understand and digest. Parents must give particular and clear cut instructions verbally to their kids so that they can develop such a set of learning skills. These skills will help your kid during their whole life. Kids with poor auditory skills lag behind in their lives.

Better Retention

This is quite obvious that auditory learning helps the child in increasing their information retention power which simply means that anything they hear tends to stay in their brains for longer as compared to the other children of their age, what is more important is that the kids are able to access that information later with absolute clarity. This is the prime reason parents need to focus more to develop better auditory learning skills in their kids. For example, parents can play specific audio recordings while traveling to a place. Later they can ask their kids about what was said in that very recording. This technique will help them to improve their auditory learning skills.

Moreover, some kids are social butterflies, and if they have extraordinary retaining skills, they can make friends easily and have more confidence. Also, kids with superior auditory learning skills are always more enthusiastic and fun to be with.

Learning and Literacy

Auditory learning has many educational benefits. Auditory learning helps your kids enhance their critical listening, thinking and comprehension skills. Thus, auditory learning also helps them brainstorm better. It helps them to improve focus, pay better attention, and have better comprehension and memory. In addition, according to some reports, learning with visual and auditory learning helps kids in improving their overall understanding of new concepts.

Listening is a significant factor in learning any new language. We learn what we listen to. Kids learn at a faster pace at an early age. In their childhood, they develop their pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary almost entirely by listening. Thus, auditory learning can help kids in reading with accuracy and better literacy overall. Therefore parents must work to develop auditory learning skills in children.

Strategies to Develop Auditory Learning Skills

Given below are some strategies by which you can develop auditory learning skills in your child.

Making Audio Recordings Rather Than Writing Notes

Rather than practicing the old learning style of writing everything down, kids should learn how to store the information in their minds. Tell your child to retain a piece of information in their minds by listening to it rather than writing it. When it comes to taking notes of any subject, auditory learning can provide advantages. Parents can help their children in developing auditory learning skills by recording the audio of their written notes. For example, as a parent you can read any concept of any topic that your kid finds hard to understand and explain it verbally, you can also read a passage of a storybook and explain it to them and record your explanation. Later tell your kid to listen to this audio when they wish to revise the concept. This is probably the best way to develop auditory learning skills.

Filling notebooks and spending time typing on computers has now become a method of the past. Today kids need better and innovative ideas to learn and audio clips are the best form of learning.

If and when you explain concepts to them in your own voice, never use difficult terms as your kid might find it complex to understand. Instead, properly organize the whole data and present it to them as an entire package. You can also take half a chapter of a lesson and make one audio recording of it. This will help your child to quickly find which audio recording they need to listen to next. Moreover, organizing notes physically is more complicated than organizing audio recordings.

Listen First and Make Notes Later

Another technique to develop better auditory skills and increase retaining power in your kid is to ask them to listen first and then make notes a little bit later. Tell your kid to make notes of their sessions, presentations or even small conversations but once the session is over. Making notes requires a lot of attention and focus, and if your kid knows that they will be needed to make notes of what was taught then they will tend to attend the sessions even more carefully, it will be a huge plus point in enhancing their listening and writing skills.

To convert your child into an effective auditory learner, you need to strengthen their retaining power. In addition, it is the most prominent strategy to develop focus and concentration in the classroom.

If your kids have lesser auditory skills, you can tell them to write notes straight after the session. Some kids face difficulty in developing auditory skills. Don’t pressurize your kid to be the best auditory listener. Instead, tell them to move slowly. It might not train your child thoroughly and instantly, but it will generate the ability to recall information. Slowly, you can increase the timings, and they will become good auditory listeners.

Make Your Kid A Social Busy Bee

Participating in group conversations or talking with friends will help your kid to get social. When a kid has good social skills, they automatically develop great auditory learning skills. Auditory learners are more comfortable participating in debates or group discussions. These kids are social butterflies and have a high level of understanding. When a kid tries to get social, they also gain knowledge.

Ask your kid about their whole day at school and encourage them to participate in various conversations or classroom discussions. This will help kids to formulate their thoughts and articulate them in a better way. Moreover, engaging in different conversations will also improve their hearing abilities and speaking skills. Especially the ones who are shy in talking to their mates will gain great benefits when they develop auditory listening skills. Finally, as a parent, you must encourage and motivate your kid at every step for their brighter future.

These are some of the strategies by which you can make your kid a better auditory learner.


There are plenty of methods and techniques that help a kid to learn effectively by using auditory learning. With all the technology and tools we have today, making your kid an auditory learner is easier. All in all, kids’ minds can easily grasp and catch any information within a few seconds but what they need is the proper guidance in order to retain it.


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