10 Animal Craft Activities That Will Amaze Your Child6 min read

Activities for Kids Sep 29, 2021
10 Animal Craft Activities That Will Amaze Your Child


10 Animal Craft Activities That Will Amaze Your Child6 min read

There are many reasons why kids love art and crafts. They can create various crafts and activities that can stimulate their creativity and imagination. By engaging the kids in arts and crafts, you will help them develop their social and cognitive skills. This will teach them how to manage their time and build their independence.

Art & Craft help Kids a lot

Performing arts and crafts activities help develop fine motor skills in children. For instance, holding a pencil and coloring pencils helps improve their control. Arts and crafts can help children develop fine motor skills and dexterity. This activity can also improve their speed and agility. Activities involving arts and crafts are very beneficial for developing hand-eye coordination. This is also beneficial for children as they will be able to form words and form letters later in their school years.

  1. Making Spiral Snakes

 Supplies: Paper, Scissors, Marker, Pencil, Eraser, Crayon, or any Coloring aids.

  • Take a paper and start drawing a spiral.
  • Make the spiral till you have four loops.
  • Now draw the head of the snake at the outer end of the loop with eyes and tongue.
  • Now use the marker to emphasize the outline.
  • Draw patterns on the body of the snake and color it with your favorite colors. You can color the bottom of the snake similarly.
  • Use the scissors now to cut through the spiral till you reach the inner tip.
  • Here you go! You can either hang your spiral snake on a string or even use a pole or try placing it on the branch of a tree too.
  1. Giraffes

 Supplies: Yellow Paper, Brown Paper Scissors, Glue, Marker, Pencil, Eraser, Crayon or any Coloring aids.

  • Make a cone out of the Yellow paper. And seal the end with glue.
  • Cut the extras.
  • Make pieces of Brown paper by tearing them in little irregular circles.
  • Stick the pieces of the Brown paper on the cone so that it resembles a Giraffe.
  • Draw a face for your giraffe on the Yellow paper and cut it along the face.
  • Now stick the face on the top of the cone. There! You made a Giraffe.
  1. Paper Cup Bunny

Supplies: Paper cup, Scissors, Glue, Marker, Strings, Scrapbook, Paintbrush  and a Toothpick

  • To make the body of the bunny, paint the outside of the paper cup and allow it to dry. You can then use your favorite color to create the body of the rabbit.
  • Cut out the ears and the feet from scrapbook paper. For the nose, cut a triangle and cut out two little ears for your bunny from pink paper.
  • For the legs, glue the strings to one end of the foot that you made from scrapbook paper. For the ears, glue the string along with the cut-out ears from the pink paper.
  • Position the other ear on top of the cup. Use a toothpick to poke holes in the cup near the cup’s rim.
  • Glue the pink triangle to the front for the nose. Two holes near the cup’s rim will allow the string legs to be inserted. 
  • Use the handle of a paintbrush to dot on the two eyes and draw eyebrows with a black marker.
  • Your Paper Bunny is ready!
  1. Finger Bunny Puppet

Supplies: White and Pink Paper, Scissors, Glue, Marker, 3/4-inch circle paper punch

  • Draw 2 big circles one a bit smaller than the first one and cut them with the help of the scissors.
  • Punch two holes in the bigger circle with the 3/4-inch circle paper punch for your fingers.
  • Draw a bunny face on the other circle. Cut the ears for the bunny from the pink paper.
  • To make the body, glue the rabbit’s face onto the body, making sure that the finger holes are at the bottom of the rabbit. Then, glue the ears onto the body.
  • Ta-da!! Your finger puppet bunny is ready.
  1. Clothespin Alligator

Supplies: Wooden clothespins, Green paint, Green marker, Black marker, White foam or paper, Googly eyes, and glue

  • Paint the clothespins green and cut the paper into strips like a triangular tooth. 
  • Add the teeth to the sides and decorate with the black marker.
  • Use the green marker to outline its body, then add two dots on the top for its nose and stick the googly eyes.
  • Your Alligator is ready.
  1. Cotton Sheep

Supplies: Black Card-stock, Circle Puncher, Glue, Googly Eyes, Cotton, Pencil, and Scissors

  • Punch one circle using the circle puncher for the body of the sheep.
  • Make two legs, a face, and a tail by rolling a thin piece from the card stock.
  • Stick the legs to the body and the tail.
  • Now fill the body with cotton.
  • Stick the face on the Cotton and add the google eyes to it. Your Cotton Sheep is ready.
  1. Paper Mouse

Supplies: Colored Craft Paper, Scale, Pencil, Compass, Scissors, Glue, Sketch Pen, and Quilling Pin

  • Cut two circles of radius 3 centimeters out of a paper strip using the compass, pencil, and scissors. 
  • Then, fold one of the circles into a shape to make the ears of the mouse.
  • Using a pencil, draw the eyes and mouth of the mouse. 
  • Roll the paper strip to make the tail. Your paper mouse is ready.
  1. Hand Print Elephant

Supplies: Paint or Watercolors, Paper, and Marker

  • Paint your hands with the color and then stamp it against a piece of paper. 
  • Once the paint has dried, draw the elephants’ features using a black marker. 
  • For the eyes, cut white circles and glue it.
  • Draw a tail using the marker.
  1. Origami Bear

Supplies: Perfect square paper, Google eyes, Glue, and marker

  • Take a piece of paper and fold it diagonally across. Then, fold the paper in a triangle shape.
  • Take the top corner and fold it in about halfway. Do the same to the other side. 
  • Now fold the same corners back out the other direction. Fold the same corners down once more. 
  • Fold only one layer of the bottom corner up. 
  • Turn the whole thing over. 
  • Fold the top layer up once more to create an area for the mouth. 
  • Add some eyes, nose, and a mouth with the google eyes, marker, and glue.
  1. Paper Lion

Supplies:  Paper Plates, Craft Paper, and Googly Eyes

  • Draw the face of the Lion inside the paper plate Color it yellow.
  • Now stick the googly eyes.
  • Cut the outer part of the plate to make the mane. 
  • Color the mane in orange color. There you go the paper plate lion is ready.

Hope you will have a great time with your child making these super easy  Art & Crafts that will benefit the holistic growth of your child. 

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