Alphabet Art3 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 8, 2021
Alphabet Art



Alphabet Art3 min read


Like any other type of education, to become a successful artist, you must understand the “alphabet” of art. This means that you are committed to learning from scratch and mastering the basics.
The first question that might be arising in your mind could be that how can you do it successfully? Read on to find out how to master the art alphabet to learn how to paint anything.

Consider Art as a language 

It helps to see art as a language with an alphabet, vocabulary and grammar. To learn a language and draw something, you need an alphabet. Once your kid understands the alphabet, s/he will be able to move on to more advanced techniques in no time. At the present stage, vocabulary and grammar don’t really matter. But once they’ll progress, these areas will matter a lot.

How to begin?

As a beginner, you must concentrate on the basic letter formation and neatness parameters. The rest of the things will improve only after practice. Therefore, keep patience and hold on! In order to learn how to paint, you just have to start. Later in the art making process, we can start expanding the uses of these things, but in the beginning, no matter how complex the piece gets, we stick with our alphabet!

Materials required 

So are you ready to begin! Before starting, it is very important to note the list of materials that might be required for painting.

  • Alphabetical template

    This template can be easily downloaded from the internet. If your child is getting exposure to the painting colors the first time, then you may use a template having grids. Otherwise, it is optional to use. You may also make an alphabet on your own!

  • Painting colors

    Make sure to guide the children while painting. Keep any old cloth or newspaper around for cleaning purposes later on. Acrylic colors are generally recommended for kids. 

  • Crayon colors

    Crayon colors must be of good quality, as it would help while deepening the imprints (you’ll learn about this later)

Time needed to prepare the template art

You might be wondering how much time will it take for your kid to learn the art of writing the alphabets with different strokes and techniques, well in simple words, it is estimated to be somewhere around 40 minutes to 1 hour. With practice, the time span may gradually decrease. This thing totally often varies from one kid to another. 

Steps involved in preparing the templates 

  • To begin with, simply download an alphabetical template from the internet. You can even choose to write all the alphabets manually.
  • Now that you have a sample template with you, mark the alphabets with crayons. Make sure to leave deep prints on the sheet. (This is done to paint the sheet later on).
  • Till now you have a sheet marked with dark crayon markings. Remember that you have to color every alphabetical line, edge as well as curve. Don’t forget to trace the blocks in which the alphabets are placed.
  • Now paint the alphabets. You may choose different painting colors to design each alphabet.
  • Try practicing these alphabets for some time, and you’ll improve gradually!

Stroke and curves that you can use 

There are various types of strokes and curves that you can use while designing. But make sure to grasp the basic alphabetical knowledge first. For a better understanding and reference, we have attached some basic strokes that you may use eventually.


If you are somebody who is really into learning more about the approaches to master alphabetical art, try these techniques with more curves as well as patterns. With regular practice, you’ll surely learn how to be perfect in designing and portraying the art of alphabets one day.


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