How to Add Downtime To Your Children’s Schedule?4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 22, 2021
How to Add Downtime To Your Children’s Schedule



How to Add Downtime To Your Children’s Schedule?4 min read

Methods to Add Downtime

Are you not feeling tired if your day went exhausted and you find nothing except the bed to sleep in? Well, this is the result of a frantic day, and it makes anyone tired irrespective of age. But, when we discuss the schedule of home-schooled kids, they need downtime.

But the question appears that how do we add downtime to our children’s schedule?

Before answering the questions, let understand the importance of the building of downtime:

Importance of Building Downtime

  • Overloading, overflowing always cause a disaster.
  • Same for home-schooled kids as well. They need time to relax instead of continuing with activities every moment, even if they like them. Their brains need a break; their bodies need to rest.
  • Downtime permits them to recharge the energy they lose so that they can even do efficient work.
  • They would be able to mark their best on those they want to accomplish.
  • Mindless activities help them regroup.
  • They need time for unstructured play.
  • Kids need time to invest in hobbies.
  • Kids need to unravel and tranquilize themselves before bed.

How can you add downtime?

  • Reduce Activities

Reducing the activities is the most reliable way to add downtime. Everyone can opt only for some tasks, even if they are multitalented. Don’t look around because everyone examines your kids as 24/7 hours operating hooman. Over this, if your kid got homeschooled, gentlefolk push to add activities to your kid’s schedule rather than suggesting the downtime that helps the kid restore the energy.

Redundant of anything comes as most detrimental if not meet the child’s necessities. So, please do not push the kid with various activities; decrease it and let them enjoy the downtime that yields relaxation to them.

Now, how do you identify which activities you need to discard because, anyhow, all are important? That’s the reason you added on. But hold on! Just prioritize the activities based on the plan or curriculum you picked up and divide the activities in the week.

Or you can combine the activities which even saves your time also, provide time to kid to relax.
Plan! Plan! Plan the activities from the most important to the least according to your family.

  • Keep One Day a Week Completely Free

Another way to add downtime to your kid’s schedule is to keep one day completely free in a week. By free, I mean, do not add on activities or events that day—no need to do homeschooling.

Give independence to your kid to go with a new hobby, discover his surroundings, or anything he likes to go with.

The day you choose in a week should seem an obvious choice because that’s not only of yours but your kid and your family’s free days as well. Plan a week and then a downtime day for your family choose this particular wisely. Stay home and enjoy.

  • Plan Downtime Every Day

Scheduling every day helps your child do things on time and take out some time for themselves. For example, you prepare your kid’s day according to your task and find 1 to 3 hours for his entertainment.

You can plan like, everyone gets up, enjoy the breakfast together, get done with a couple of works. Then, afterward, you and your kid have hours to enjoy anything of both of your like.

Then, you and your family give yourselves a rest hour. And could use a rest hour with various options available like watching Tv and so on. But stop planning to watch TV in the evening. Preferably, enjoy the evening view with your hobbies and your family. Next, you can play games or can go for a long drive.

You can put your child into decor crafts of their choices like sewing, knitting, building model cars, paintings, etc.; let your kid discover their imagination.

A relaxing evening can refresh you and your kid.

  • Program One Day a Week for All Activities

You can even try this method that explains choosing a day that includes all your extracurricular activities like swimming, music, and many more.

So, for instance, you plan Sunday for all the extracurricular activities, and you’re going to enjoy swimming, ice skating, horse riding. You can plan all for the same day.

You can say, is a common approach if they are residing near their town. You reach the destination an hour driving into town, which makes sense to schedule all lists.

However, the ones who live in the town can approach this method as well. You don’t have to move anywhere then. Instead, you can enjoy a peaceful life at home.

Downtime is a necessity in kids’ lives. However, do not prepare anything for downtime for the sake of you have to create it. That’s it. No, choose a wise plan and apply it at least for a season because no changes you can understand in a matter of a week or month.

Then if it seems insignificant, you’re good to go for a change.

Best of Luck!


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