4th of July Unit Study Ideas and Activities for your Homeschool5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021



4th of July Unit Study Ideas and Activities for your Homeschool5 min read

So many families love to celebrate Independence Day (or the 4th of July) in different ways – family cookouts, fireworks, hanging out at the beach, participating in parades and so on.

As Americans, it is so important for your kids to understand the history of their nation.

They need to understand what they are really celebrating.

We have some 4th of July unit study ideas and activities that you can include in your homeschool in order to help your kids to learn more about this important holiday. These activities are hands-on and super fun too!

1. Brief them about the history of the 4th of July

If your kids and teens enjoy doing a bit of research then go ahead and utilize those many online resources that are available to teach and learn about the history of the 4th of July and why it is celebrated by Americans all over the nation.

2. Create an Activity Pack

Compile information and various activities to make a little activity pack for your kids and teens.

Your activity pack could include

  • Basic math sums are designed to give kids an idea of how long it really took to travel from one place to another during colonial times.
  • Some map work
  • Quizzes to test what your kids already know about this historic day
  • Answers to the quiz questions
  • A few short writing assignments
  • A few coloring pages
  • Some questions to research – to help your kids know more about the 4th of July
  • Songs or videos
  • Some art and craft activities to do

And anything else you would want to include!

Activity packs are always exciting to work with. So, make one that your kids and teens will learn with as well as find enjoyable.

3. Play Games that help your kids understand the importance of freedom and appreciate their Independence Day more

A simple and enjoyable game that you can play is “Free Falling Freedom Towers”.

This 4th of July game was created for a single purpose, and that is to try to help your kids understand and value the freedom that they have, and also the fact that freedom actually isn’t always free but it is rather a precious gift.

To play this game, you will require the following materials:

  • Ten plastic cups
  • Eight index cards

How do you play the game?

Make two teams.

Have each child or team of kids build a tower out of their plastic cups and index cards. Ask them to build their towers a few feet apart to avoid knocking over the other team’s tower by accident.

The teams need to start by placing a plastic cup upside down on a table. After the cup is in place, place an index card over it.

Repeat this step until the teams have two towers – each consisting of 5 plastic cups and 4 index cards.

Keep in mind that the index cards should only be placed in between cups.

Now, have the teams form a line behind each tower of plastic cups and index cards.

When you give them the signal to go, the first person in line will have to remove the topmost index card in the tower (causing the topmost cup to stack on the next cup).

If the whole tower tumbles, the person will have to rebuild it and move to the end of the line.

And if this person manages to remove the index card without causing the tower to topple down, the person then moves to the end of the line.

The game continues this way till one team successfully stacks all their cups before the other.

The basic objective of the game is that the children will have to use their patience and strength to try and drop all the cups as smoothly as they can.

As your kids play this game, explain to them that the towers represent their freedoms as a country and as individual citizens. And if we don’t treat these freedoms responsibly and with dignity, they could just come toppling down and leave us with nothing.

Use this opportunity to discuss with your kids what it means to treat our freedoms with dignity and defend it carefully. And what it means to treat others’ freedoms with care too.

Encourage them that when they make the right choices, treat their freedoms with dignity, respect others’ freedoms and rights and stand up to fight against what’s wrong, they will be able to stand tall like towers of hope and light for their country and its citizens.

4. Organize arts and crafts projects

If your kids love art and craft projects that are fun, messy, and wholesome, make sure you involve these in your 4th of July homeschool studies!

Find cool craft projects for your older kids; maybe something that they can make and gift people too!

For your younger kids, you could look for free printables where they have to join the dots, color by numbers and so on.

Or you could include everyone and make some homemade patriotic slime! Yes, that’s right! Patriotic slime is easy to make and satisfying to play with!

5. Encourage your kids to cook easy dishes!

If you are having a family cookout, why not involve your kids in the cooking process and have them make some easy and yummy stuff too!

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or super complex. They can just try their hands at preparing a few appetizers or side dishes!

Rainbow fruit salad and chicken salad bites are some great examples.

Your kids could also give you and your spouse a helping hand with the main dishes.

And desserts are the best place to get your kids involved and engaged! They could help decorate your mouth-watering sugar cookies with red, white and blue icing.

6. Celebrate many more national holidays as a family!

As a parent, it is so important for you to teach your kids about the history of their nation and have discussions on serious topics. It is also super necessary to build and grow strong relationships within the family. As you and your family celebrate more national holidays, they will learn more about their nation as well as bond with you much better!


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