10 Steps For Kids to Make Music Videos Online in a Minute5 min read

Activities for Kids Music Nov 14, 2022
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10 Steps For Kids to Make Music Videos Online in a Minute5 min read

Only listening and not viewing is a big no-no in the age of visual entertainment. Here comes the popularity of music videos that attract hearts of all ages. It communicates with the audience and is one of the best ways for video creators to engage with the audience. Even kids who are video content creators can surely try their hands at this genre of video creation without any professional background. Here are ten must-dos for any kid to create a music video today!

Conceptualization is the Key

The concept is the key to creating an entertaining and intriguing music video. We should be clear about the purpose of making this music video and what message it will deliver to our viewers. Our journey to make a music video can start once we pass through these gatekeepers! The story should imbibe the ethos of the idea. We must create an engaging, unique, relatable, and entertaining story. Picking up a niche and working towards it makes the process even easier.

Select your music and build the ethos

Since this is a music video, or better to say, a kids’ music video, it is even more critical to prepare the music beforehand. When we say music, we mean to choose or create a track that syncs with the story. If the video is fast-paced, the tempo of the music needs to match it. If the video is more of a travel video with a lot of information about a destination, the music should be that of a soothing one telling a story through it. The music should be upbeat, energetic, and funny if it is a funny video. Whatever the music, it should evoke emotions. The cherry on the cake is kids can use a video creator to choose from a wide range of tracks online to add music to their videos.

Camcorder for recording

How can a music video be the most appealing without capturing the proper footage? And for that, we need the right kind of recording device. We can choose from a wide range of options depending on our budget. The handiest is the camcorder which helps video creators record videos and audio. It can be an affordable GoPro for most dynamic video shooting, the Panasonic Lumix DMC LX10 for beginners, or the Fujifilm X T4 with the most extended battery life.

Other essential instruments 

Video recording involves using more than just the camcorder. We need the proper gear to create the appropriate camera angles, movements, and lighting conditions. One is the tripod which helps add agility to the camera movement; another is the must-have gimbal adding stability to the video; the following is a light diffuser, in case of need. We can also use different lighting techniques, but this is more than enough for beginners. We also need an external microphone, extra storage memory, and emergency spare batteries.

Set up the budget

A complete plan is unlimited once the project’s budget is fixed. The budget includes the project’s entire cost, from location scouting to the cost of the gear that provides for recording the videos.

Location scouting

Location majorly depends on the script of the music video. Whether an outdoor shoot is required or an indoor one sets the mood of the video. If it is an indoor setting, we should pick up less cluttered backdrops with the following colors you need in the video. Indoor locations also have the advantage of being customized by the video creator. For outdoor shooting, we should be aware of the lighting, its backdrop, and the location’s compatibility with the music.

Fix your shot and sequence list

What is the video going to look like? We need to fix that by ticking off the shot and sequence checklist. We can make our videos more enjoyable by shuffling between various shot types. An establishing long shot, an excellent mid shot, or an ongoing jump cut to a close-up – all these compiled can make an exciting music video ready. Before the shortlist is prepared, if we have the sequence list of when to record what is ready, we will make the best music video of all time.

Camera movement and angles

One constant factor that must be in the video is the absence of monotony. And to make that happen, exciting camera movements and out-of-the-blue camera angles, which make the viewers watch ever more attentively, will make it happen.


Once our story is in hand, the shots are ready, the sequence is sorted, the music is ready to be played, and we need to start working on the post-production. Editing the video is another highly crucial aspect we must recognize. We can always take inspiration from our favorite music videos but never try to copy them. Creating a unique factor in the video is what makes it more attractive. Exploring the capabilities of an easy video editor can be a valuable addition during post-production, offering accessible tools that enhance creativity and contribute to a polished and engaging final content.

Watch tons of music videos

Inspiration is everywhere around, especially for video creators. Confusion about what to create can be solved in just a matter of time. We must research and analyze the music videos we like and pick up the must-to-have points. So, let’s start doing it now!

Final Word

Music videos have been reigning in the entertainment industry for ages. Be it from any genre – we cannot pause an entertaining music video for any reason! So, let’s get this started and make our music videos from scratch.


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