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I am professor powerful
welcome to the world of voices and harmony.

do you like to chant, hum, croon or simply sing your heart out? all over the world millions of people are giving voice to tunes they love, would you like to join them?

ready to sing-a-long ?

tune in with my platoon of expert coaches.

our coaches are from a diverse selection of music schools, and they are vastly experienced in teaching kids both in person and online.

they are all experts in the tools, games and learning aids that we have built to make learning to sing fun and engaging.

how old is your kid

  1. 8-10 years
  2. 11-15 years

singing pathway plan

our learning cycle is 45 days, our ongoing cohorts and upcoming batches look like this.

this next bit makes me proud

we have 300+ ongoing batches, and more than 1500 kids at various levels of active learning in our year-long course.

snapshot of a random week

families have rhythms they follow.

our schedule keeps this in mind, so kids have one lesson a week with the coach, they then have an organized set of windows to set up jam sessions, all within the secure allround colab community.

kids assemble; parents, relax.

level amateur: week 4

timeline icon

week day 1: live session today

learn how to break down the different elements of a song by your favorite artist.

timeline icon

week day 2: action session today

1. do you know who I am? - guess the artist in the quiz.
2. fill in the blanks - with the history of the artists you adore.

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week day 3: colab session today

watch a video getting to know more about your favorite artists.

timeline icon

week day 4: action session today

share your artist look with your friends.

here's how the payment cycle works

$120 / cycle

registrations open 15 Mar, 2024 for April cohort.

what you get:

  • 6 colab sessions per level
  • 6 mentor sessions per level
  • 200+ activities
  • lifetime access to mentors and community
  • lifetime access to personal showcase

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

what are cohort-based courses (cbcs)?
at allround kids follow a cohort-based learning practice. this is a collaborative learning approach. a group of kids advances through a learning program together. in this way, you complete a learning course with a) your coach and b)your peers. kids attend sessions and complete challenges online, instead of in person.
what are tracks? which tracks are offered?
what is discord? will joining the discord server be compulsory?
what is the required time commitment from the kids?
are the session day classes mandatory?
how do i sign up for the cbcs?

our mission is to make co-curricular learning fun for kids in a secure, select, collaborative community.

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