How to Recover your Lost Love for Learning?4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021


How to Recover your Lost Love for Learning?4 min read

Do you find yourself getting frustrated when your kids just cannot seem to stay on the same wavelength as you when you’re trying to teach them something?

Is every second lesson getting sidelined by endless interruptions, blank stares and distracted children?

Are your kids not enjoying themselves anymore when they study?

Have ‘just for fun’ workbooks and activity books become plain unpleasant and anything but “fun”?

Is schoolwork becoming more of a burden than a joy – for everyone?

Is homeschooling just not fun anymore?

How long has it been this way?

And what went wrong??

If you’re finding yourself questioning everything to the point where it’s driving you crazy, just… breathe. Take a deep breath right now!

If your kids and you have been having way too many homeschool struggles lately that just don’t seem to go away, it’s time to take a step back and examine.

Examine why this has been happening. Why is it not as fun as it used to be? Why is it not as fun as you’d like it to be?

Take a few days (or even weeks) to contemplate everything. Talk to your spouse, a trusted friend or family member. Pray about it. Process your feelings, try to analyze the past few weeks and examine what has been happening.

As a homeschool mom, you already have a lot of responsibilities at hand. Plus, you have a bunch of other things to do, or do you?

If this realization hasn’t hit you yet, we’d like to be the ones to tell you that saying yes to homeschooling automatically meant saying no to a lot of other things.

It’s practically impossible for you as a human homeschooling mother to wear every possible hat at the same time! You just cannot do everything at once and hope to stay sane at the same time. And that’s okay!

If you want to live out this beautiful, harmonious, restful, calm, inspiring and gratifying homeschool that you have always envisioned for your kids, then you are going to have to do less.

You cannot run a homeschool, a home, write blogs, be a speaker in a university, author five books, be a community leader, make the meals, scrub the bathtubs, do the taxes, pay the bills, keep track of finances and also get involved in various house projects! Nope.

You will have to do less on a given day if you want to keep yourself sane.

As a homeschool mom, taking the time to enjoy teaching, learning, playing and growing with your kids should be your topmost priority right now.

Everything else that seems to hinder this goal can wait a while.

  • Are you doing what you love?

This is another question you need to ask yourself in regards to your homeschool.

Have you somehow detoured from your original love for learning?

What do you and your kids really love?

If your kids love nature, going for walks, planting gardens, reading stories aloud, composing poems, finding places on the map, exploring art and history, enacting Shakespeare, baking cakes, doing fun craft projects, making bird feeders, identifying different insects, doing treasure hunts… then why are you forcing both your kids and yourself to do the opposite?

Why are you sitting across the living room table trying to solve taxing math problems or finish fifteen workbook pages by noon? Why do they have to memorize a hundred prepositions with no purpose whatsoever?

Maybe it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee!

It’s time to let go of everything that just doesn’t inspire or fuel anyone’s love for learning.
Remind yourself that your aim is to learn, not to school. If you wanted your kids to do mainstream schooling you would have enrolled them in a public or private school. But no, you want them to learn and you want them to love it.

Maybe it’s time to throw those workbooks out for a bit. Visit a local library and get anything and everything that will rekindle your kids’ love for learning; cookbooks, encyclopedias, Romeo and Juliet, and everything else.

Work on fixing this lost love for learning. Focus on what will serve to feel and fuel your kids’ interests and their passions.

As a homeschool parent, your goal is not to require learning, but rather to inspire learning.
Encourage your kids to pore over literature, art, history, geography, science and yes, even math! Find fun ways to rekindle your children’s love for learning.

Change things up a bit if you need to. Go outdoors. Play board games. Work on art and craft projects. Organize a family puppet show inspired by favorite literary characters. And most importantly, just have fun again!

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be burdensome or boring when it could be interesting and fun!

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